Clear note piano

Humidity Control System Installation

Controlling the relative humidity within the piano is one of the best ways to keep your piano in good working condition. To learn more about how humidity affects the piano check my resources page. Humidification systems come with both a humidifier and a dehumidifier. Here in the northeast both parts of the system are totally necessary. A humidistat within the system will control which part operates at a given time.

An installation consists of at least two visits to the piano. In the first I check the piano to see exactly what model of system will fit best and do the best job. Either this will be during a normal tuning, or as part of an evaluation. During the second appointment I actually install the unit, and give you information on caring for and watering the system. Pianos take around 3 weeks to adjust fully to the system, at which time they will probably need a tuning. We can schedule the installation a few weeks before the piano's normal tuning time for maximum efficiency.

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