Clear note piano

Beth Harris, Owner

In May 2009 Beth graduated from the Advanced Piano Technology program at North Bennet Street School in Boston, the first legally blind student to do so. The program takes two years of full-time training and is considered one of the country's best. While at school she passed the required tuning and technical examinations to become a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technician's Guild.

Before her piano technology training, Beth studied music history, analysis, pedagogy and piano (playing) at the Crane School of Music, a part of the State photo University of New York at Potsdam. She also took classes in baroque and early music and continues exploring early keyboard music and instruments as a piano technician. In addition to music, Beth discovered a passion for both mathematics and computer science while in Potsdam. She now pursues mathematics as a hobbyist although frequently finds similar problem solving opportunities within piano work.

For Beth, tuning and working on pianos has been a long dream. During her piano lesson days she remembers breaking a hammer shank during a particularly vigorous passage. "Our technician came over and pulled the pieces out of the piano. I was so fascinated by the sticks, straps and blocks he showed me. Imagine those things making music!" Initially discouraged by the difficulty of finding a related internship in high school, it took a couple well-timed, and lucky events to get the ball rolling in college. But the ball sure hasn't stopped. Now she helps others get the most they can from their instruments.