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Frequently Asked Piano Questions

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How often should I have my piano tuned?

Most manufacturers recommend tuning your piano at least twice a year to counteract the effects of changing humidity. Sometimes if a piano gets little use it may be all right to tune it annually.

What is an RPT?

The Piano Technician's Guild offers a series of rigorous examinations to its members covering many aspects of piano technology. Registered Piano Technicians (RPTs) have passed the exams and have therefore met a series of quality standards set by the guild for tuning and repairs in the field.

Why do NEW pianos fall out of tune/regulation?

New music wire is quite elastic, and needs to stretch. This happens with new pianos as well as replacement strings on all instruments. Also, new felt and wood will compress a bit, making things fall out of adjustment at first.

How can I clean my piano's keys?

Use a dry or damp cloth to remove dust or dirt. If they get a little wet just make sure to dry them right away, and do not use chemical cleaners on keys.

Can I clean the inside of my piano?

I know it is tempting to try to get all the dust out of the piano, but try to resist. If you'd like I can make an appointment to clean the piano's insides, including strings, soundboard, keys and case.