Clear note piano


Pianos are essentially machines encompassing thousands of moving parts made of wood, felt, metal and other materials. Occasionally things break, or wear out. If a piano clicks, clacks, clunks, buzzes or zings, I'd be happy to fix it.

I can repair some things when I see the problem the first time. Other times, I will need to check things out, take measurements and make a separate appointment to do the repair. Both repair and regulation work (see below) are normally charged by hour, although a minimum service fee applies.


Regulation is the logical extension of repairs to include all the adjustments within the piano's action. Regulation affects both the feel of the piano as well as some aspects of tone, such as power and dynamic control. Additionally an action in good regulation wears out less quickly than one in poor regulation.

The extent of a regulation varies widely depending on the amount of time available and the piano's condition. In all cases I will come and evaluate the piano's existing regulation. As with repairs, in some cases I will go right ahead and work on the action immediately. In other cases I will take the whole action with me. This gives me more freedom in terms of space, lighting and improves accuracy. Regulation involves many complex procedures, which differ between instruments. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, although I might defer some questions until I see the piano in person.

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