Clear note piano


Normal in-home tunings should be done at regular time intervals during the year. Tuning a piano first and foremost helps it sound its best. Also, regular tunings actually help pianos stay in tune better between tunings, in other words improve their stability. Most manufacturers recommend tuning your piano at least twice a year to counteract the effects of changing humidity. Also, a humidification system installed inside the piano can minimize these seasonal changes.


Pitch Adjustment

If a piano is quite a bit out of tune, it may need a pitch adjustment before being fine tuned. A pitch adjustment is like a quick tuning in order to get the correct tension back on the strings, otherwise the piano falls out of tune as fast as I can tune it. I will decide upon checking the pitch of the piano when I arrive for a tuning, whether a pitch adjustment is necessary.

Multiple piano discount

If I can tune multiple pianos on one visit within walking distance (.5 miles) I will deduct 10% from each tuning fee. This applies to pianos in the same home, schools or churches with multiple pianos, or friends and neighbors teaming up to save a bit of money.

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